World Fitness Hour

Where: Worldwide! When: Sept. 19th, 2020.

Getting tired of virtual sport events without impact? We are here to make them cool! has started during the confinement as sport events were cancelled one after another. The spirit of appreciating the hard training you put for the events that won’t take place continues in an online format.

This world fitness hour is organized by hobby sport enthusiasts for hobby sport enthusiasts that understand your expectations.

You want to be part of this!

Why should you be part of this community? 

For the World Fitness Hour we have tailored innovations to make you part of a global community. You can start walking, running, cycling, kayaking, skating, SUPing, you name it, for your own star on the world map. We have brought the entire event digital and act in a sustainable way to support the environment. Consciously we have left out printed participation numbers and the option to buy branded merchandise. Our athletes come together for the sake of fitness and the glory of a world star.

You have never participated in a competition before?

We change that. During the one hour event you can race as long and as fast you prefer. Running 10mins? 30mins? or the full hour? not a problem. Your star will shine on the map in relation to your distance and time active. A star is still a star, no matter how large or small.

How does it work?

On Sept. 19th, 2020, you have a 1h time frame from 19:00 to 20:00 your local time to complete the exercise in the proximity of your home. You track your progress with a fitness gadget and upload a photo proof of your performance on On the photo proof the distance and time exercised must be visible to be eligible for a world star. We aggregate the data and create the world map of athletes. We will use the coordinates of the city you have run to light the star.

Do you want to be a star?

The timezone is our advantage.

On Sept. 15th, 2020 athletes will light their star starting at 19:00 your time zone. Once your time slot is coming to an end at 20:00, the next western time zone will just start the competition. Thus, will create a runners star wave going East to West.

What is in for you?

As an environment conscious event we deliberately decided to not offer any merchandise or printed materials. Everything goes digital.

You get:

  • digital participation number
  • a star on the world map
  • digital diploma

What we believe in:

Environment comes first!

We complete the entire challenge in a digital manner, consciously deciding to not sell any merchandise. Everything we do is to gather a community of hobby athletes across the globe and raise awareness of the benefits of sports.

Fairness and quality

We are at the beginning and have a lot to learn about organizing such events. We believe in fairness and have our highest goal to provide a quality service to the utmost satisfaction of the participants.